Our Newspaper in Education System (NES) is the leader in enterprise solutions for the NIE industry. There is no other commercial NIE system like it. NES is a full-featured order entry and delivery system for Newspaper in Education departments. With NES, you can improve customer service, offer more complex delivery schedules and seamlessly integrate with your corporate circulation system.

NES is an enterprise level system designed to handle thousands of orders. It is based on a Web architecture and built using Microsoft SQL Server™, a robust, secure relational database technology. This ensures the system is fast, scalable and ready to meet the newspaper industry's continually changing needs. 

Download the NES Overview (Requires Adobe pdf reader)
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Teacher Portal
Teacher Portal
Now Newspaper in Education System (NES) can also integrate with your corporate Web site. NES Teacher Portal allows newspaper NIE customers to manage their own accounts.

Teachers can securely enter their own orders and change their own calendar based on pre-defined parameters while newspapers control the Web content from NES.

With an interface to your circulation system, draw order is automatically sent to production. NES is designed for NIE professionals by NIE professionals.
NES Features
  • PBS MediaPlus® Interface
  • Automatic email affidavits
  • Email order confirmation
  • Powerful scheduling calendar
  • Detailed delivery routing info
  • Affidavit and billing tracking
  • BURT System™ Interface
  • Detailed draw predictions
  • Sponsor donations tracking
  • Comprehensive financial reports
  • Automatic Address verification 
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